Functional Areas in a Business Organization Essay

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Functional Areas in Business Organisation In all industrial companies there are a number of key tasks or function that must be carried out regularly. Stock must be bought, the bills must be paid, the customers have to be served and the customer enquiries have to be dealt with. In a small organisation all the jobs may be done by one or two people occasionally, however in a large organisation people have to be specialised in many different individual tasks. A big company is usually easier to identify separate functional areas because employees work together in departments. Each individual department carries out tasks to relate to their particular area. The main purpose of functional areas is to ensure that all important business…show more content…
This job includes: • Advertising job vacancies • Liaising with staff associations or trade unions • Maintaining staff records • Monitoring the terms and conditions of employment • Advertising mangers on the legal rights and responsibilities • Carrying out company welfare policies • Recording absences • Arranging staff training and encouraging continuous professional development • Receiving and recording job applications • Arranging interviews • Notifying staff of promotion opportunities Customer Service: Cadbury must look after customers or clients who have an enquiry, concern or complaint. In today’s society customer expectations are high, when people contact a business they expect a prompt, polite and knowledgeable response. Many businesses have customer service staff or a customer service department, where trained staff handles enquiries and complaints positively and professionally this does not include in the staff ignoring customers and their needs. Customer service staff must also be aware of the legal rights of customers. There job must consist of: • Answering customer enquiries about products and services • Providing specialist information and advice to meet customer needs • Providing after sales service, including replacing damaged goods, arranging for replies or for spare parts to be obtained and fitted. • Dealing with customer complaint according to company procedures. •
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