Functional Areas of Business: Marketing and Sales Management

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Functional Areas of Business: Marketing and Sales Management Introduction There is an often-quoted saying in business that nothing happens in a company until a sale is made. From the development of new products to their sale and the development of long-term customer relationships, sales is the catalyst of what makes any business, from a start-up to an enterprise, exist and grow. During these times of economic uncertainty and turbulence, the one constant source of stability is customer relationships and their trust in brands. This trust goes deeper than just a given brand however; it includes trust of the company itself. That's where highly effective marketing manager's collaboration with sales managers can set a very strong foundation of trust that keeps a company moving forward and growing (Gruen, 1997). Both marketing managers and sales managers rely on the knowledge and intelligence of customer relationships to accomplish their objectives while ensuring each department of an enterprise stays orchestrated to common objectives (Constantinides, 2006). Marketing managers are given responsibility for driving advertising, promotion, pricing, distribution strategies, product planning in conjunction with engineering, branding and advertising. The role of marketing manager also varies across industries and often by the extent of vertical integration a given company has with its supply chains and manufacturing operations. The sales manager must also have a very clear
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