Functional Areas of Business Paper

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Functional Areas of Business Paper Takeia A. Arkwright MGT/521 Management December 5, 2012 Dr. Irvin Clark Different operational functions are always in place when dealing with business. Healthcare Management and Human Resource are 2 points of interest that are a direction I would like to achieve. Coordinating the work of the department, work activities of a team of people. Finding out the direct purpose of the organization organizing people or department to perform the work which is required to get the task accomplished. Developing a structure of the team whether it be specific rules, regulations, and job description or open flexible, by work in teams, and having open communication. Healthcare Management…show more content…
In order to do this that means making sure the front end of the operational is to get the patient's information correct. In having the correct health information this is to make sure the claim is able to be processed. Making sure the patient health is being accessed and the patient is satisfied with the services. A healthcare manager would make sure the employees which are in this position are qualified to do this particular job. The back end of healthcare management would be to make sure the billing is correct, such as the insurance address, insurance identification. By having this information one can make sure the claim is paid appropriately and in a timely manner. This includes assigning work task of assignments Healthcare Managers also need to make sure he or she can manage themselves effectively. By doing this that means managing time, space, supervisors, and clients, having the staff maintain a positive attitude and keeping motivation. Healthcare Management need to listen has determination, flexibility, patience and capability to plan. Healthcare management not only entails the customer but he physician, staff and suppliers as well. One needs to make sure they are not overspending and that organization output is not exceeding the input of the organization. Such as waste of paper, pen and ink. Making sure such items are used for the organization. In management one needs to make sure the staff as well as the physicians is educated on current health
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