Essay on Functional Areas of a Business

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Functional Areas of a Business

Subject: Roles and activities of each functional area

Finance- the department is responsible for taking care of the budgets for the individual retail outlets this is to ensure that they aren't over spending. They keep financial records of all of their payments which they have made to their suppliers, also the payments that the customers have made to them from their customers. This function is used also to chase up late payment of invoices this is so the company do not find their selves in debt. This area also provides their directors with accounts for example profit and loss accounts and balance accounts. This helps the company to evaluate their performance
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Human Resources- the responsibility of HR is a key feature in the strengthening of the administrations prospective, and maximising everyone's possible right through out the business. It's a inspiring time as the company's new strategies get into full flow.

The human resource department staff in co-op travel is in charge of the performance management; this includes locating the targets this is done to ensure that the employees are performing to the finest of their capability. Improving the employee's relation is a key aspect of the human resource factor. The team work closely with trade unions and management to ensure that the company continues to run easily and stay clear of any type of industrialized act.

CO-OP Travel Internal Communications

Radial Diagram

External Communications

Radial Diagram

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Co-op travel use memos to communicate internally within their business. For example the marketing department or the head of the marketing department may send the employees in the marketing team inviting them to a meeting. A memo is a good form of communication as it contains the exact message that needs to be transmitted to the receiver. This form of communication helps co-op travel to achieve their objectives as communication is flowing clearly in the business.

Co-op travel use email as a fast and efficient way of sending data
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