Functional Behavior Assessment Paper

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Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan
Lynnette Meinig
June 5, 2013
Nicola Harris

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan
Functional behavior assessments are important to teachers and students because I believe that all children behave a certain way for a reason. Children who have disabilities as well as children who do not have disabilities behave in inappropriate ways and a functional behavior assessment can help to determine why so that a plan can be developed to correct the behavior. Negative behavior is a reaction to something happening in a child's life or an imbalance in the child. A child with an imbalance will benefit from a functional behavior assessment because there is a
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Functional behavior assessments are very useful to teachers because they will help to identify reasons for inappropriate behaviors of a student. Not only will the assessment peal back the layers of a student's behavior but it can also reveal how to change the inappropriate behavior. Students with disabilities will have inappropriate behaviors in order to communicate with the teacher and adults involved in their day. These behaviors could appear for something as simple as the disabled students refuses to write down what they were asked to, because they are not able to spell or write a word. Students without disabilities may also behave in an inappropriate way because they may not be able to spell or write a word. The functional behavior assessment will guide a teacher to know what subject or even what part of a subject is challenging to a student.
Functional behavioral assessments have two major components, identifying and defining target behaviors as well as conducting behavior observations. The assessment should begin with indentifying and defining targeted behaviors and the best way to do that is to conduct a formal interview of the student. The interview should include family who are directly connected to the student's home life as well as the staff involved with the student. The interview should reveal important things like when does the behavior occur during the day, how frequently, what the behavior is receded by, what
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