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Functional Behavioral Assessment Short Paper Nicole Smith ECE 201 Intro to Early Childhood I Instructor Dana Bux April 28, 2012 Challenging behavior comes in various of reasons. Once you have gathered information to understand the behaviors of young children you can diagnose the child with the appropriate behavior and find a solution to fix the problem. I have been receiving some information on different ways on how to diagnose and find solutions through different materials which I will share. They are two linked strategies developed by behavioral psychologist to understand a child’s challenging behavior; this two strategies are (FBA) Functional Behavior Assessment and (PBS) Positive Behavioral Support. These two…show more content…
Peers’ actions can be antecedents, too think of teasing, bullying, showing off, coming too close, and exclusion. B stands for behavior, which you must describe so clearly and specifically that anyone who’s observing can recognize and measure it (Durand, 1990; Gable et al., 1998). If the child has several challenging behaviors, describe them all, because you will need to find out if they serve the same or different functions. Of course you can’t observe or measure thoughts or feelings such as sadness or anger; but you can observe and measure crying, yelling, or throwing chairs. C stands for consequence; that is, What happens after the challenging behavior? Here you must look at your own actions as well as the peers. Did you reprimand the child sternly, take them aside for a private conversation, or change their seat? Did you redirect the child to another activity or send them to the office? Did the other children laugh, join in, move away, or tell the child to stop? Any of these responses, positive or negative, may have an effect on the child’s behavior and serve to reinforce and maintain it.” (Kaiser, B. & Sklar Rasminsky, J., 2012). After this you have to implement and monitor the plan and finally evaluate the outcome. After all of the steps are done the supportive team could continue the positive behavioral process outside of school, where it can be maintain and not forgotten when the child was out of school. You would have to have a meeting
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