Functional Definitions Of Normal Behavior

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AC 1.1 Since humans are complex beings, with the ability to feel and experience several emotions by going through diverse states of mind at any given time, defining normal and abnormal behavior for instance is and must be relatively subject to cultural norms, personal views, the environment, time/place and all kinds of different circumstances and or situations that might influence any individual’s behavior during his/her lifetime. Therefore, we will look at two generic definitions of normal behavior for the opposite will be abnormal. Conformity to what any given society considers to be the ‘norm’ is normal behavior and deviation from this is abnormal behavior. This is the first definition of abnormality. In here if a person behaves in any way that is socially deemed to be against what that given society considers to be normal, then that individual will be abnormal according to the social rules of his/her society. For example the wearing of a Burka ( a garment covering a woman’s body from head to toe), would be considered abnormal here in the west or even oppressive and rather an infringement on her rights as a woman to be able to wear what she wants to wear. However, the wearing of this same garment in the middle east, countries with parts of its indigenous population are muslims and in Islamic countries this will be the norm. In actual fact this is seen as a sign of liberation as the woman will not be judged based on her physical beauty, but rather on her intellectual

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