Functional Group Decision Making

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Functional Group Decision Making(FDM)
FDM answers the basic question asked by the developers of this theory. Their question is as follows. “‘Why do some groups make good decisions while others make bad ones?’ Their model argues that the answer to this question has to do with whether the group has successfully accomplished four functions, which they call requisite functions” (pg.141). The four functions of this theory are problem analysis, goal setting, identify alternatives, and evaluate and select. Problem analysis is when the group focuses on the nature, extent and likely causes of the problem. This requires the group to be careful when differentiating between problems and the symptoms of the problems. Goal setting is when the group identifies what an ideal solution would look like. The group decides what elements are necessary and what elements are ideal but not necessary. Identifying alternatives is when the group generates a large number of possible solutions. This is when the group wants to brainstorm as many possible solutions, no matter what the quality of the solution is. Finally, evaluate and select is when the group evaluate each alternative using the established goals.

Examples From The Film
Goal setting is the first example that I found in the film. I saw this when the foreman says what the goal of the jury is and what is needed for the guilty or not guilty verdict. I saw that one of the jurors used problem analysis. This was when the juror started
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