Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment

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Functional Health Patterns Community Assessment Guide

Functional Health Pattern (FHP) Template Directions:
This FHP template is to be used for organizing community assessment data in preparation for completion of your collaborative learning community (CLC) assignment. Address every bulleted statement in each section with data or rationale for deferral. You may also add additional bullet points if applicable to your community.

Value/Belief Pattern
Predominant ethnic and cultural groups along with beliefs related to health
Predominant spiritual beliefs in the community that may influence health
Some Mormons-no blood transfusions
Availability of spiritual resources within or near the
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Planned Parenthood- health care for pregnancy and STD prevention
Local hospitals- Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Scripps Hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital are a few big hospitals in San Diego, CA
Urgent Care clinics like Doctors Express are available
San Diego Public Health
Language Specific healthcare such as Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog etc.
Common referrals to outside agencies.
WIC- Women, Infants and Children
Black Women, Infants and Children
Food Stamps
Low Cost medical and dental care
Habitat for Humanity

Indicators of nutrient deficiencies.
Vitamin deficiencies such as Vitamin D and Iron
Unexplained fatigue, brittle, dry hair, ridged or spoon shaped nails, mouth problems, diarrhea, irritability or lack or appetite can all indicate nutrient deficiencies
San Diego has one of the largest homeless populations in the country, especially homeless veterans. Malnutrition is prevalent in this group of people
Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics.
This bullet was answered up above in a previous question.
Affordability of food/available discounts or food programs and usage (e.g., WIC, food boxes, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, food stamps, senior discounts, employee discounts, etc.).
Food Stamps
WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
BWIC (Black Women, Infants and Children)
Meals on wheels
Senior discounts offered at some restaurants like Soup Plantation. 55 plus is considered senior citizen here in California

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