Functional Health Patterns Of Nurses

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Marjorie Gordon developed a list of Functional Health Pattern in 1987 that nurses continue to use today as a guide to assess a family’s health patterns. Nurses can develop this assessment into a database and use it to help them in setting goals for the future of that family. Gordon’s 11 functional health pattern assessments is a useful tool that nurses use in assessing and evaluating a family’s established health patterns. This provides health care professional an inside look at the overall health of a particular family and would help them in setting goals for better health outcome for the entire family.
I conducted my Family Health Evaluation on the Robert family, a good example of a typical family that consists of a father, mother, and children. The Robert family consists of a 40-year-old father, 37-year-old mother, and four children aged 20, 18, 16 and 14. The Robert family has their own set of beliefs and values just like every family should, but they also have some bad health behaviors and attitudes which can cause them problems in the future. After assessing and evaluating the Robert family, I found out that the family members care and love each other very much. The only problem is that this family does not seek medical attention if they are sick unless they are in severe condition, or it is an emergency. They do keep up with their primary healthcare provider from time to time, which is obviously a good thing.
When it comes to activities and exercising its focused on

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