Functional Limitations And Potential Assistive And Addictions Counselor

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Kaleigh is a 28 year old woman who resides in Greenfield, Massachusetts and is attending the UMass Center in Springfield, where she is pursing a certificate as an Addictions Counselor. She would like to continue her schooling and received a bachelor's degree in this field. Kaleigh’s disabilities include: a specific learning disorder and a disorder of written expression. These disorders affect all curricular areas as well as her organization and recall. She suffers from depression, Attention Hyper Activity Disorder and anxiety. She was placed on an Individual Education Plan in grammar school which followed her all throughout her educational career. She continues to state she has problems with concentration, organization and recall. She has been working with her Massachusetts Rehabilitation Counselor to identify appropriate support that could be implemented to help her be successful with her vocational goals. For this reason, an assistive technology evaluation was requested to determine if any, technologies could assist her with the successful completion of this goal.
Functional Capacities:
Kaleigh is able to complete all basic activities of daily living with independence. She is able to ambulate across all surfaces without the utilization of an assistive device. Kaleigh displays significant weakness with reading, writing, math, note taking, concentration, attention, processing and recall.
Functional Limitations and Potential

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