Functional Requirements Of The App

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Functional requirements of the app 1. The app would provide a bible verse every day for the users. 2. The app would provide a new word to learn every day. 3. Users would have access to popular bible verses every day and are able to view verses from previous days. 4. The app would provide a new game or quiz connected to the word and verse of the day. 5. App promotes creativity, critical thinking and imagination. 6. The app would be user-friendly with easy navigation for effective use. 7. Users are able to view verses and words from previous days. 8. The app would have a colourful background with the option of sound. 9. The app settings can be customised. 10. The design of the app would be functional and visually stimulating. 11. App would load quickly and not crash. 12. App would promote creativity, critical thinking and imagination. 13. App would promote and enhances collaborations and ideas sharing. 14. Content is appropriate for the targeted users. 15. All information provided are error free, factual and reliable. 16. App contains no unsuitable advertisement. 17. The app would be affordable, portable and socially interactive. 18. The app would be compactible through all Apple platforms. Desirable requirements 1. The app would be easy to use. 2. The users within 100 metres can play against each other. Knowledge of the capability of mobile devices. With the recent development of new ranges of mobile devices with advanced features such as (context-aware systems, real-time
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