Functional Structure Of A Functional Organization Structure

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Table of Contents Task 1.2 0 Functional Structure 0 Functional Organization Structure Advantages 0 Functional Organization Structure Disadvantages 0 Project Structure 0 Project Organisation Structure Advantages 0 Project Organization Structure Disadvantages 0 Matrix 0 Matrix Structure Advantages 0 Matrix Structure Disadvantages 0 Conclusion 0 Task 2.5 0 Quality Policy 0 Quality Assurance 0 Quality Control 0 Quality Audit 0 Quality Plan 0 Conclusion 0 Task 3.10 0 Bibliography 0 Task 1.2 Write a section of the main document illustrating what you understand by these structure terms and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these structures and the impact that these structures may have on the project, project tasks and project implementation. There are three types of project management organisations 1) Functional 2) Project 3) Matrix Functional Structure A functional organisation structure is hierarchical where people are grouped together in line with their area of expertise. The functional manager will assume control of employees and will have expertise in the same field this will help the functional manager effectively utilise all the skills of employees in order to carry out business objectives. The position of project manager will not normally exist under this structure and if it does the powers of a project manager will be limited with the functional manger still having ultimate responsibility. This type of structure would be most suitable to a
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