Functionalism And Its Impact On Society

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In this paper I will explain and argue for Functionalism. Functionalism allows for a scientific approach to the mind-body problem, while maintaining the integrity of mental and physical states and attributing them to the functional roles they play within the bodily system. The main argument for Functionalism is founded on the basis that it fulfills all of the requirements for an effective form of Physicalism. 1. In order for a physicalist argument to be effective: it must account for mental states being defined by their role; allow for mental and functional types to be defined circularly/holistically; and allow mental states to be realized in a multitude of outcomes. Functionalism sufficiently ensures all of these predicates. Functionalism is an adequate form of physicalism. Like other arguments for physicalism, functionalism is based on the notion that everything that exists in reality is physical in form. One of the main distinctions that makes the functionalist approach unique is its method of defining objects. For example, many simple things are defined by what they’re made of, such as gold is simply Au. However more complex things are defined in terms of what their functions are. A heart is defined as an object that pumps blood around an organism’s body, regardless of what it is made of. We cannot define a heart as “something that is made of organic cardiac muscle, has valves, contracts, etc.” because theoretically, those components could be slapped together
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