Functionalism And Robert Merton's Model Of Functionalism

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Sociology uses three different perspectives, or theories, when looking at human issues. These three theories are known as functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction. Functionalism is considered a macro theory and has two different models. The focus will be on Merton’s model of functionalism, which has three parts to it. Conflict theory is also, a macro theory that views society as a place of inequality between two groups. It looks at five inequalities, which are economic, gender, racial, age, and sexual orientation inequalities. The last theory is symbolic interaction and it is the only micro theory. It is a way to analyze how people’s behavior define themselves and the people they interact with. Abortion is the issue that…show more content…
A dysfunction of abortion could be that overuse of the procedure could contribute to a declining population. Another dysfunction is that the procedure could be used to favor one gender over the other and cause one gender to be more populated than the other in certain areas of the world. If abortion is inaccessible, then it could cause women to lose their life, or cause health issues, when they try to get an unsafe abortion. Those are all three parts of Merton’s model of functionalism. Now the next theory to apply to the issue of abortion is conflict theory. Conflict theory is the idea that social behavior can be understood by looking at the conflicts between groups of those that benefit and the ones who don’t. It views society as a place of inequality. This theory looks at economic, gender, racial, age, and sexual orientation inequalities. First is a look at the economic inequalities between the high income and low income women who consider, or get, an abortion. Statistics show that low-income women are more likely to get an abortion, which could be due to contraceptives being difficult to access. Low-income women may not have the best sex education due to poor education opportunities, resulting in higher unwanted pregnancies. High income women will be able to get the best health care providers to get an abortion. Next is gender inequality between men and women. A major gender inequality with abortion, is that the politicians who vote
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