Functionalism, Conflict Theory, And Symbolic Interactionism

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Global poverty is one of the biggest epidemics that many countries face today. In this paper I will first explain functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Secondly, I will explain the different causes of global poverty. Thirdly, I will collect my own data to explain poverty in one country. Finally, I will identify the idea of ethnocentric and culturally relative. First and foremost, there are three types of theories that can be applied to global poverty which are functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. To start off with functionalism is when a society comes together and works as a whole. Next, we have conflict theory where some theorist says it happens when a society competes with one another…show more content…
Next, another example is when our country help a low poverty that have a great outcome of resources we tell them what to give us in return and how much to give it to us for. That causes a substantial deal of conflict because we are taking their resources that they need to make money for their country in order to survive. Finally, some places like South Africa had a system in which you weren’t able to move up to a higher position in which you are only able to obtain the position in which you are born into. South Africa’s system was called a caste system, it is no longer illegal, however; it is still enforced daily. When this caste system was a law, then people of lower status were not able to interact with those who were deemed higher than them, and there were some instances when they were not allowed outside at the same time they were. If your shadows had crossed or if you had accidentally had touched them, then they were considered unclean. This would fit under functionalism because they all worked together to keep this system in place. In addition, poverty in Kenya is a humongous epidemic, however; most of the poverty that is seen there is more in the rural area. Most of the work that is available for people in Kenya are farming and agriculture so when there is a disaster that ruins crops they no longer have a job. Even though they are a poor country the children are still
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