Functionalism In Education

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According to different sociologists the educational system is seen in many distinctive ways. When one thinks about the educational system many theorists refer to the approaches of education in which people are experiencing minor socialisation of relearning certain norms and values within society. Also, it is viewed as a driver in terms of social control as children are taught to follow societies expectations, which is taught through the hidden curriculum. This system of a meritocratic basis reflects on the fact that those who do well get rewarded and those who do not, will not get the best job. Thus, compulsory schooling that operates on a meritocratic basis means that the system supports all however, some sociologists disagree with this view due to inequality in which some people in terms of class and wealth tend to do better than others. Or in terms of race and gender tend to be another factor in terms of inequality within the classroom. In order words, the educational system indeed evolves and changes but it only reflects and extracts with the social system. This essay will firstly look at the history of the compulsory schooling in terms of a conservative approach from many theorists such as Emile Durkheim and Talcott Parsons. Then it will examine Marxists viewpoints towards the conservative approach then the labelling theory in terms of the hidden curriculum and symbolic interactionism and whether compulsory schooling operates on a meritocratic basis. The history of
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