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Theories have been composed and exposed by various philosophers to explain their understanding about the mind. Dualism, Behaviorism and Identity Theory are well-known theories supported by well-written explanations. A modern theory, Functionalism has been proposed that provides great insight to the main problem philosophers deal with, the mind/body problem. Functionalism was developed as a combination of the Behaviorist theory and the Identity theory. Behaviorism believes being in a mental state is the same as a physical state, which is an observable behavioral characteristic. For instance, if one claims they are unhappy, their physical state could include a frowning face or improper posture. On the other hand, the Identity Theory…show more content…
If the machine is in S2, and sees a “1”, it says Even and returns to S1. The purpose of this example Block provided us is to give us a direct insight to how a functionalist theory works. The nature of a mental state in a human mind is equivalent to the nature of a machines state; therefore it can demonstrate the relations to other states and to inputs and outputs. Functionalism is the dogma for creating something a thought; a desire, a belief, pain, or pleasure by allowing its dependence only on the role it plays in the cognitive system. Another simple example demonstrated through the functionalist theory, is being in a mental state of pain that induces the notion that something is wrong with one’s body, where the individual wishes to be out of its mental state and as a result, possible behavioral outputs may include wincing, moaning, crying, or anxiety. In the functionalist theory, it states that any creature that is capable of a mental state and meets its conditions is able to experience pain (Levin). Humans have a particular process of neural activity, for instance C-fiber stimulation, which meets the conditions of functionalism. Therefore humans can experience pain by C-fiber stimulation but the theory also allows other creatures with different physical makeups that have mental states can experience pain as well. Functionalist became aware that creatures with different types of physical states
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