Functionalism in Family

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The affects of Functionalism, Conflict and Interactionist Theory on Family SOC101 Emily Frydrych May 24, 2010 A social institution is “an organized pattern of beliefs and behaviors centered on basic social needs” (Schaefer, 2009). I believe that family is one of the most important social institutions. Family is a social institution that is always changing. My family has changed greatly over the past years. As a child I went from foster home to foster home. My birth mother was only 14 years old when she had me, and gave me up for adoption immediately. It wasn’t until I was eight years old that I was finally adopted. My adopted family, who I consider to be my real family, taught me a lot. They help shape and mold me into the…show more content…
This was the way of life in the United States at a time. The man was the one who went out and worked and brought home the bacon. There were things that a man could do that woman couldn’t. The man was the sole provider and the authoritarian. Nowadays, women have just as much say so as men do. I have much power and authority in my family. My kids consider me and their stepdad to be equals. We make decisions and compromises on many things such as the bills, household needs and the children. Although there has been great change in this shift of power from man to woman in a family, there are still some situations where things have not change as much. Studies have shown that “for every stay-at-home dad there are 38 stay at home moms” (Schaefer, pg. 292). The conflict theory affects the views of individuals in a family because the man a sense of power and authority. It makes the women out to be subservient to her husband or to man period. It lends to situations such as Domestic Violence. I came across an article by Kathryn Yount and LiLi, it discusses Egyptian women’s justification of Domestic Violence. “In a study done, “5,450 women in Egypt, they found that one half justified wife hitting or beating for some reason” (Yount, 2009). It is the conflict theory that leads many women to believe and justify Domestic Violence. There is little change for social change with the
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