Functionalist And Conflict Paradigm Of The Role Schooling And Education

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education”. When we think of schooling and education and what it really entails many might assume it serves the same function. In this essay we shall elaborate on the views of the functionalist and conflict paradigm of the role schooling and education, we will also look at the differences and similarities of the two theories providing evidence from different sources. Before one can discuss the views about the role of schooling and education one must understand the definition of schooling and education. According to (Miller, 2013) “education is a lifelong…show more content…
Schools need to function in a manner that create solidarity within the social body of the society. Schooling and education has been roles to fulfil, according to Hurn(1993:68) educational institutions do definitely teach subjective skills as well as increase subject knowledge of their learners, however, there is no clarity based on if it is these skills that explain the affiliation between schooling, your line of work and income. Therefore, it could be impossible to view the role of education and schooling in a functionalist perspective. By contrast, Marxist and functionalist exemplify the roles of schooling and education varyingly. However, these two theories do agree that schools and society should be closely linked. Other concerns of Marxist which they disagree on is the close link between the schools and the demands of the rich individuals rather than the needs of the whole society. Functionalist basically sees educational institutions almost as adequate tools for sorting and selecting talented people for producing intellective skills. On the other hand, Marxist views schools as serving the interest of the high class individuals, backing up existing unevenness, as well as producing a frame of mind that foster acceptance of this existing conditions (Hurn, 1993: 69). Furthermore, perhaps functionalist could achieve it to get the higher class to reach a consensus about the purpose and organization of schooling. However, Marxist disagree on that,
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