Functionalist Criminology And Positivist Criminology Essay

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Evaluation of Classicism and Positivism are two theories that assess the mind and different approaches to human nature; classicist is a rational act and liberty. This method was industrialized between the 18th and 19th Century, it was created in order to process the criminal justice system and make sure everyone was treated equally (Classical Criminology is connected with Cesare Bonesana , Marchese de Beccaria). Positivism Criminology Is a an theory that is established by the concept of scientific understanding of law-breaking and criminality of people ,the key perception is to assess how behaviour is stubborn. There are also two types of positivism that illuminate the clarification of crime and deviancy, these are known as Psychological Positivism and Biological Positivism. This thesis will reflect to what level Classism and Positivist criminology compete with to each other and assess if the two theories have any similarities. There will be different aspects which will be looked at for these theories all variables from the causes of crime, definition of crime, crime prevention ETC. During the 19th century people tried to understand the ways of natural laws of society however Cesare Beccaria had pictured this as being egotistic. Considering that law should be partial to a certain extent as much as possible also forbid actions which would rise instead of lessening crime. Cesare had acknowledged management of criminal justice where he knew that the rights of offenders are
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