Functionalist Issues in Sport

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Using the Functionalist perspective discuss how sport can be used as an avenue for socialisation and social mobility Introduction Sports! There are very small areas in society that can generate such passion and interest and elevate its participants to almost divine status and raise them from humble beginnings to lords and ladies of the manner. For this reason sports can be used as a powerful medium for socialisation; although not exclusively as other social interactions can have the same results. Sports importance in Britain with regards to its ability to give common ground and transcend age, culture and class and establish the traditional values that we all share as being British give prominence over other social constructions. Since…show more content…
This philosophy was taken up by many public schools in Britain around the same era as a way to socialise the privileged class towards leadership and other cultural values of the day (HORNE et al 1999). Although the British attitudes to sport and education in the late 1800?s where enlightening, it took French educator and reformer, Baron De Coubertin, to fully realise sports potential for social and national mobility. In 1896, De Coubertin set up the International Olympic Committee and reintroduced the Olympic games in Athens, and with it their ideology of human spirit, chivalry and excellence. Although originally set out to promote the abilities of men, the Olympics have orchestrated the rise of women as athletes. This sporting event along with governments implementing functionalism as policy (Labour Party Mandate 2003 htp:// visited 28 November 2003) has over recent years seen women?s involvement in sporting and leisure activities increase astronomically. The esteem in which sports are held in modern times to provide positive character traits are highlighted in this abstract from a BBC radio program. ?We want people, young people particular, off the street corners, getting them away from frightening old lady 's and breaking windows, and getting into sports areas where they come
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