Functionalist Perspective On Children, Regulation Of Sexual Activity Essay

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Functionalist believe that families perform certain functions that are a necessity when it comes to society. It focuses on children, regulation of sexual activity, as well as giving its affiliations a sense of identity. Functionalist “emphasize the importance of the family in maintaining the stability of society and the well-being of individuals.” They see the family as the key part of society, and how it evolves. Most of these ideas were brought up by Emile Durkheim that believed “division of labor contributes to greater efficiency in all areas of life.” Sociology of family is defined as “the sub-discipline of sociology that attempts to describe and explain patterns of family life and variations in family structure.” and from the functionalist perspective there are four, key functions of a family.
The four key functions of a family are sexual, social status, socialization, and economic and psychological support. Firstly, sexual function focuses on the ruling of sexual activity, and which guidelines and regulations everyone should follow. There are norms about having sex between non-marital couples, but the norms usually come with any society, and the family is the preeminent teacher when having to teach the norms to children. Secondly, social identity is about “what” a child is born into or with. Such as “what” religion they’re born into, “what” ethnicity they are born, “what” kind of family they were born (poor, middle, wealthy). And within any society, there are some
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