Functionalist Perspective On Gender Inequality

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Functionalist view society like a living organism in which each different part contributes to its survival. (R. Schaefer page 13) it emphasizes that society is made of various parts and they are all necessary to the functionality and stability of society. The Conflict perspective differs from the functionalist perspective by viewing society as in conflict and constant competition between each other and groups. The interactionist perspective explains society by generalizing social interactions. It views humans as meaningful objects in the word. (R. Schaefer page 16). The Feminist perspective focuses on how gender inequality is key to all behavior. Queer Theory is studying society from the view of multiple different sexual identities. All theses theories and perspectives make different contributions by showing different ways to look at and examine society and behavior as a whole. Media influence would be viewed in different ways from the five different sociology perspectives since the theories all contribute to the understanding of society and social life in different ways. The influence of media in our society is very important since it can easily determine the viewers and the public’s opinion on various topics and issues in today’s world. Functionalist would explain the issue of media influence by considering it something that contributes to a society. The Conflict perspective would explain the influence of media in a very different way then the functionalist would.
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