Functionalist Perspective On Order And Stability

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Ronie Lopez PSY 209 Final Paper Functionalist The functionalist perspective focuses on order and stability. The sex industry thrives because there is such a demand for it. Some people feel the need to experiment with their sexuality by participating in practices a significant other may not want to partake in or in because they have no one to participate with. The idea of selling sex comes into play because it provides an outlet for these individuals. There are men that seek the mere company of another and have the option of hiring and ‘escort’. This is a way to provide the social interaction desired without the investment of time or emotion that usually goes with such a relationship. With the ever-present demand for sex and companion related services, the idea of a consenting adult supplying that service opens opportunities for those that may have limited resources or means of living. The reality is that some individuals do not possess all the education or skills that are necessary to succeed in specific career paths. An individual can find possibilities in sex work that they did not have before. They can earn money and can have some form of protection from those that they work with. Not all those involved in sex work are bad people. Such as the policy suggested by Amnesty International, the legalization of sex work would ensure that those involved would enjoy equal legal protection from the negative aspects of the trade, such as protection from exploitation, trafficking,
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