Functionalist and Interactionalist Perspective on Illegal Drugs

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Functionalist and Interactionalist Perspective on Illegal Drugs

The war on drugs in our culture is a continuous action that is swiftly lessening our society. This has been going on for roughly 10-15 years and has yet to slow down in any way. Drugs continue to be a problem for the obvious reason that certain people abuse them in a way that can lead to ultimate harm on such a person. These drugs do not just consist of street drugs (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy), but prescription medications as well. Although there are some instances where drugs are being used by subjects excessively, there has been medical research to prove that some of these drugs have made a successful impact on certain disorders and diseases. One of the
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In the United States, one of the first legitimate recognized uses of marijuana, or medical cannabis, was found by Robert Randall. Randall had glaucoma and stated that the medical use of cannabis kept him from going blind in the times of his disease. It was he who made a successful attempt as forcing the federal government to provide him with free marijuana. In viewing the functionalist perspective, it accentuates the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability. It is the inner workings of our society. Basically stating that because we do have an extreme amount of drug use in the world today it provides more of a demand for law enforcement and our judicial system. Street drugs or the over usage of prescription drugs are illegal because they keep people employed. When an instance happens in which a person gets arrested on the account of possession or intent to sell a certain narcotic, they involve an entire group of people. At that first moment, the law enforcement is there to handle the arrest and that person is brought to jail. It is now obvious that the subject is guilty on some account. Therefore, he has to provide a way to prove his innocence which consists of hiring a lawyer and attending several court dates with a judge and a jury of peers. Afterwards they are either sentenced or on some type of probation where the
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