Functionalities of a Manager for Being an Exceptional Leader

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This does not mean that people will not follow if they are not led, but it easier to motivate someone if they are willing to follow. Motivation to work and be productive is the key. This paper looks at what it takes for a manager to be an exceptional leader. The study of leadership has not stayed static in the past hundred years. People have been trying to determine what truly makes an exceptional leader for many years now, so many different theories have evolved in an attempt to explain the concept. Bolden, Gosling, Marturano and Dennison (2003) said that leadership theories have moved "from the "great man" notion of heroic leaders, through trait theories, behaviorist theories, situational leadership, contingency theory and on to transactional and transformational leadership." The reason that all of these theories have existed is because it is difficult to pin down exactly what exists in a person or what one can learn that makes them an exceptional leader. All of these theories though have in common that they are trying to find individual "characteristics and behaviors" (Bolden, et al, 2003) that define leadership. The exceptional leader is not necessarily someone who is born into the position, but someone who is willing "to put the interests of the group…

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