Functions And Activities Of Health Services

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Health Services Management is connected to procedures, actions, functions and activities that are carried out in improving Health care or services. Health Services helps to enhance health of an individual by serving the population in a right way. Moreover, Management in Health Services plays an essential role to deliver care services by applying appropriate technologies to meet the health demands of the societies served. Thus, management is responsible for delivering health services in an effective or mannered way in keeping with restrictions or limitations and chances of the environment. Moreover, planning is the fundamental issue in health services management.Planning is a continuous process which starts with setting of goals and…show more content…
In addition, a leader always think that what to do in the future to achieve the goals and how to reach to gain the success and whether the planning which is made is effective or not for the desired future outcome.This essay will examines the fundamental issues in Health Services Management that are planning and decision making which plays a vital role in managing Health Services Management in a creative manner but planning is the most important fundamental issue to make all the process happened in a positive way and the abilities of a leader to control the healthcare sector environment with leadership skills like knowledge, analysing the situation, successfully coordinates the work of the group, inspires confidence, motivating the workers, managing goals, plan, policies and achieving workable unity in order to achieve the specific goals
There are various characteristics of planning in Health Services Management. Planning is the primary issue in Health Services Management which should be made in very effective and disciplined ways. Planning is very necessary to achieve the objectives which can be attained only by adopting the well planned methods and adequate manners. According to Liebler and McConnell (2004) ,adequate plans should be made with ability so that it can be changed with flexibility (p.89).Therefore,original successful plans have flexibility to improve old plans into new plans in order to make some
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