Functions And Functions Of Management Functions

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Management functions are defined as “the ways that managers are grouped within an organisation to achieve specialist tasks” and refer to specific areas of practice that involve only a small group of managers who, usually, need particular training or experience and belong to relevant professional organisations. There are five major functions in most organisations known as “big five” (Smith, 2011): marketing, concerned with promoting and distributing products; operations, which involves the transformation of inputs into outputs; human resource management, which deals with people within the organisation in terms of recruitment, development and deployment; finance, responsible for managing money and lastly the 'recently ' introduced information management, which manages all the information technology resources used to collect, store and transmit data. In addition to these, other functions can be identified such as research and development, quality, distribution and logistics among others. All of them can be divided into three main groups: line functions, which play a key role in producing goods or services (marketing, R&D, operations); enabling functions providing services to other functions in order to help them operate more effectively (finance, HR, IT, technical and secretarial services); controlling functions, whose task is to make sure that standards and regulations are respected (quality assurance, quality control and legal and administrative functions).

Marketing can be…
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