Functions And Objectives Of Food And Beverage Management

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All resources are in limited supply. No manager has all the materials, money, time, and other resources that he or she would like to work with. Therefore, part of the manager's job is to determine how best to use the limited resources available to attain the organization's objectives.

Food and Beverage Objectives:
Objectives state what the management of the operation wishes to accomplish. They indicate why the business exists and what it is trying to do. The objectives of a food and beverage operation often center on such things as:
• Profit levels
• Maintaining or increasing financial strength during changing social and economic conditions
• Guest (marketing) concerns
• Management and employee interests
• Professional obligations
• Societal
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Good control procedures alone will not enable the food and beverage operation to meet its objectives. It is important to recognize that although our discussion in this course focuses on control, managers must address the other management functions as well.

The Manager in the Management Process:
Responsibilities of managers: A manager is a staff member who:

1- Decides how to use organizational resources to attain objectives, and;

2- Participates in the management tasks of planning organizing, coordinating, staffing, leading, controlling, and evaluating.

Since most managers supervise employees, they are also responsible for the performance of those employees. To a large extent, managers are only as successful as their employees. Being held accountable for their own work as well as the work of others is unique to those in management positions.

Attributes of Good Managers:
A good manager not only knows the basic management principles but is able to put them into practice. While knowledge alone cannot replace experience and common sense, it is a vital ingredient in creative decision-making. The remainder of this chapter focuses on basic concepts of

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