Functions Of A Car Vehicle

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Discussion As I mentioned I had many functions at BMW. My biggest one was upkeep/ report of terminal usage. In the PDC we have a fleet of vehicles that are equipped with tracing equipment to record data. When a specialist drives one of these vehicles and a system is not acting as it was intended to, they will look at the data gather by the equipment to find out what needs to be fixed and what happened. Before they can do any of this however, the data needs to get from vehicle to their computers. This is what the terminals are used for. Before each drive the specialist will check the vehicles out on a terminal, this will clear any error codes that are stored in the vehicle. This is like having a control experiment. By clearing all error…show more content…
This helped many associates because they could see which vehicle was being used the most and what terminals were most likely going to need maintenance next. Another responsibility at work was called power management checks. Since we work with prototype vehicles and software in the PDC we constantly checking to make sure new firmware doesn’t negatively affect the vehicles in any way. I would have to confirm that the vehicles would sleep properly after every new software update. The test is relatively simple, I would first hook up our equipment that measures voltage to the vehicles battery. This equipment is connected to a computer we have in the shop that will show us a voltage and time graph. From there I would false lock the doors in case I needed to get into the vehicle and then let the vehicle fall asleep naturally. I would be able to watch the graph as the vehicle fell asleep to confirm that ECU’s were shutting off in the right order. It wasn’t uncommon that I would have a vehicle that would use too much voltage will sleeping and I would need to find the cause of the issue. This would involve pulling fuses from both the front and rear fuse boxes. Typically, I would start with the fuse that was for the module that was updated in the latest firmware. For example, if the latest firmware for that day was for the headlights and the vehicle didn’t sleep properly after it was flashed I would pull the headlights fuse first. 99
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