Functions Of An Effective Group

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An effective group or team carries out various task functions to perform its work successfully. There are various maintenance functions to ensure member satisfaction and to ensure there is a sense of team spirit. Teams that successfully fulfill these functions afford their members the potential for the social benefits of psychological intimacy and integrated involvement we discussed at the beginning of the chapter. Task functions are those activities directly related to the effective completion of the team’s work. For example, the task of initiating activity involves suggesting ideas, defining problems, and proposing approaches and/or solutions to problems. A main task that is carried out is researching information. It may sound easy to look up something on the internet, but are the results going to have quality? Each member of a group should be assigned a sub-topic to start researching on. All of that information can be put together to support the main topic. The group should include details of: • The topic’s origin • Background information • Supporting theories • Any possible facts • Finding the sources Maintenance functions enhance togetherness, cooperation, and teamwork, enabling members to achieve psychological intimacy while furthering the success of the team. Jody Grant’s supportive attitude and comfortable demeanor as chairman and CEO of Texas Capital Bancshares enabled him to build a vibrant bank in the aftermath of the great Texas banking crash. Grant was respected
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