Functions Of Computer Hardware Components

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P1 Function of computer hardware components In a desktop there are many different types of components. I will be talking about these components and what their role is to do in the desktop. Computer system relies on two major things hardware and software without these two things you computer system won’t function properly. Computer hardware is the all the components. Some component is easy to recognise such as the monitor, keyboard, computer case and mouse however there is more components inside the computer system which most people don’t know what they are, such as motherboard, ram and CPU. Processor A processor is a small chip that exists in in computers and electronic devices. Its job is to receive input and provide the right output. The processor is also called the CPU. This processor handles all the simple system instructions such as handling the mouse and keyboard input and running applications. Majority of desktop computers contain a CPU by Intel or AMD. Tablets and laptop use AMD and Intel they also use specific mobile processors developed by companies like apple. RAM Stands for "Random Access Memory,” RAM it is made up from small memory chips that creates a memory module. The module is installed in the RAM slots on the motherboard. Hard Drive The hard drive is what stores all your data. The hard disk is where all your files and folders are physically located. Motherboard the motherboard is the main circuit board of your computer without this your computer
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