Functions Of Human Resource Management

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Primary function human resource management can divide into primary and secondary function primary function is directly involved with obtaining, maintaining and developing employee. Primary function included human resource planning, equal employment opportunity, staffing, recruitment, and selection.
Compensation and benefit, employee, labor relation health, safety and security and human resource development. Secondary function included organization, job design, performance appraisal system, and research and information system. The objective of specific human resource development activities varies greatly or improving the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of individuals, career development potent efforts intended to assist the individual through
A series of career stage and the organization development effort to enhance the effectiveness of the organization.
The differing objective ,in turn, often determine of organization which other aspect of the board of human resource system should be more tightly integrated with particular human resource management activities .clearly if the objective is socializing new hire the human should be coordinated with the recruitment actives. Because human resource for new hire included a discussion of important company police, the content of the training for example, is likely for reflecting the organization entire set human resource practices

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