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For a company to be successful management must be efficient and effective. This is dependent on the concepts management uses. Four basic management concepts are used in most companies to help accomplish the goals and objectives within the organization. Despite the implementation of solid management concepts, mistakes are made. Management must strive to learn from mistakes made, concentrating on improving management skills.

Functions of Management Many forms of management exist such as management of resources, management of people, management of time, management of large groups, and management of small groups. This author is employed in a large organization in which many levels of management exists beginning with Territory
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This is an effort on behalf of the company to encourage employees to constantly think about new approaches to solving problems and encouraging new techniques of creating products to satisfy customers’ needs. Organizing involves the creation of an organizational structure within the company. During this function the main focus is the management of duties and how information is passed along within the company (Erven, 2008). Managers use this stage to delegate authority among fellow employees with the intent of maximizing resources in the best way possible. The chain of command witnessed by this author within her current employment indicates many levels of management, with all co-existing well and working together to discover new and creative ways to solve problems. Once goals and objectives are in place and tasks are assigned, management needs to concentrate on leadership. Leading primarily involves communication with employees as well as other managers (Bateman & Snell, 2009). One of the best qualities a manager can have is the ability to motivate employees. Being able to influence employees’ behavior through motivation and communication will help focus employees on the goals and objectives of the company as well as their own (Erven, 2008). With a motivated and engaged staff, much can be accomplished. Leadership also involves the recruiting, placement, and development of qualified individuals to complement and enhance a company’s

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