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Functions of Management

The Definition

man•age•ment: Corporate power elites distinguished primarily by their distance from actual productive work and their chronic failure to manage. Spoken derisively, as in
"*Management* decided that ....”

The Four Functions of Management

Management by definition is generic in scope and can have varying meaning to a small company infrastructure versus a large company’s. Management structures can be in-depth in a large company and superficial in a smaller organization yet; both can be equally successful. What connects management on every level is the need for creative problem-solving. This function is essential to the overall success of any size company. The use of
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Being in charge of directives, a leader must delegate a chore and a well-organized way to arrive at completion. Once a formal strategy has been put into effect, management will lead with dependable facts and influence employees through motivation, communication, leadership and discipline. The purpose of leading is to guide the behavior of all personnel to perform the organization's mission and objectives.
Management control is similar to the general perception of Quality Control. No product or service or product would be worth buying into without internal quality or control. Management must look at the contents of the work and scrutinize the details to ensure that the product is indeed one of high quality. Without this discovery process, a project could appear unorganized, unprofessional or just plain wrong. It is imperative to analyze all resources for accuracy and to check for consistency and integrity in the data. The data used to support the key deliverables should correlate with the final goal.
Management in My Work Situation
My current work situation truly defines the word “oxymoron”. I went from leading an aggressive but structured financial services corporation, to owning my own firm could not withstand the after effect of 9/11, to now working with my father in a highly profitable logistics corporation that is successful in spite of its antiquated makeup. My father

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