Functions Of Management Within An Organization

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Management within an organization have many elements to oversee from the creation of products, marketing plans, and the implementation of the plans to having the ability to forecast changes within and external changes within the market that may financially impact the company. When changes arise the company use change management tools to ease the transition into the procedures, plans, and protocols that have been chosen to improve the companies’ position within the marketplace. In the following pages three of the theories and models that are commonly used are dissected and discussed as it proteins to how a firm deals with change.
Change Management Models
Change is unenviable part of life more so in business aspects in order for an
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He published several books that would eventually lead to his revolutionary group dynamics model that is commonly known as Lewin’s Unfreeze Change Freeze Change Management Model. Lewin’s model is comprised of three phases to assist with the process of implementing change within an organization. The first step in the process is unfreeze in this phase preparation for the changes are made. The decision makers evaluate the pros and cons of various solutions to various situations that the company maybe facing and decide on the best course of action (tools, 2014). Executive team members introduce the necessary changes and explain how these changes will improve the businesses ability to compete and introduce the changes to their staff members prior to the implementation of the changes (Levasseur, 2001). The second step is the transitional period where the well developed plan is introduced and incorporated into the businesses daily operational plan and trainings are offered to assist the staff on the changes. An example of this would be new computer databases or programs that may be used to assist project managers on a project (Theories and Models of Organizational Change). The last step within this model is the refreeze phase in this phase any and all inaccuracies are taken care of as the implemented are accepted and fully integrated into the organizations daily operations procedure (tools, 2014).

McKinsey 7-S Model
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