Functions Of Mitosis And Meiosis

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(A.C. 3.1)
Mitosis and meiosis are both forms of the nucleus in eukaryotic cells and share some similarities, but also exhibit distinct differences that lead to very different outcomes (UK essays 2013; widmaier et al, 2014; Toole, 2015; Khan, 2016). Mitosis is a cell division that produces two daughter cells receiving a copy of every chromosome with the same genetic component as the parent cell, while meiosis is a cell division that produces haploid sex cells or gametes which contain a single copy of each chromosome (widmaier et al, 2014; Diffen, 2016; Toole 2016; Encyclopaedia Britannica). The purpose of mitosis is cell regeneration, growth, and asexual reproduction, while the purpose of meiosis is the production of gametes for sexual reproduction (UK essays 2013; Vancouver community college, 2011). Mitosis Meiosis parent cell parent cell

cell division cell division

2 new cells

4 new cells
Figure 3.1.
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