Functions Of Stick Out For The Constitution

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There are many functions that stick out for the constitution, Constitution is a very important thing in the United States, just imagine not having any constitution, what would this nation be? The constitution protects your rights in every way, without it we wouldn’t have anything special in the United States. The constitutions There are four functions for of a constitution, first one would be give them the authority to make a decisions, without trusting our government by doing their job wouldn’t get us far. I believe that in Texas we do have a great government for example the government allowing a Texan person to have a concealed weapon “open carry” gives us the sense that the government gives us trust in our society. Secondly Giving the power, when we elect a government we always make sure that we have to agree with them government. Most of the time people are not going to agree with them, but they have the power to change things that we can change if we unite but I would take a long time for it to be changed. Third would the morality of the constitutions, there would always be an up and down with the government doing changes. When they changes things that people don’t agree on than it’s not fair for the people, now if it’s something good that we all agree than we can live with it. Fourth would shaping up the laws, they try to fix problems that are in it and they try to make more define. They have to getting approved by congress before they can change any law or make a
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