Functions Of The American Government

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There are several functions of American Government that are important to the success of this country but I am going to choose three that I think are the most crucial. One of the function of the American government that is important is to protect their sovereign territory and their people and to provide national defense. I think this is a key function of the American government. This protects citizens from both at home and abroad from acts that endanger them from their well-being. An example of this is in the event of a war it is crucial to have national defense to protect the citizens of their territory and those who are in the armed services. Though the rules and responsibilities vary through time, governments must create them. Governments offer the limits for everyday behavior for citizens, protect them from outside interference and often provide for their security. A second function of the American government that is important is to provide services to their citizens. Public goods, as mentioned in the text, are services governments provide to its citizens. An example of public services is public education, sanitation, police services basically services a society can benefit from. It is important for government to provide services such as national security, transportation, education, and health services. All people are entitled to services and that is where the government steps in. The government should be accountable for the happiness of its citizens. They do make up
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