Functions Of The Bcp Is Important For The World Of Disruption Or Crisis

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1. Purpose The purpose of the BCP is to ensure that in the event of any operation being disrupted or stopped for any reason, that all critical elements of this organization will continue to operate during and after the time of disruption or crisis. It has been designed to minimize any disruption caused due to disabling events or times of crisis such as loss of technology, the building, or a large portion of staff. This BCP shall be followed only when normal business activities cannot be performed because of the crisis or disruption. The business continuity plan: • Ensures all employees and staff are and remain safe • Maps out the actions that will need to be done to ensure the safety of employees, staff, data, and any devices that can be saved and transferred to the warm spot • minimizes the downtime for the business • Ensures business will continue to run as best and effectively as possible during crisis • identifies business priorities so that if services are limited, they can be allocated effectively. • Identifies the person(s) responsible for any actions that need to be taken 2. Scope The scope of DLIS is to plan and implement a working BCP to be used in the event of a disaster or crisis. This plan will ensure that first and foremost all employees and staff will remain safe during all procedures. In the event of a disaster or crisis, a phone tree will be used to ensure that all employees and staff are notified. Everyone will then start the actions required of them

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