Functions Of The Board Of Board Governing Type I, II, And IIi

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The board needs to take a more active role in governing the organization. The best board are ones that implement the trifecta of board governing Type I,II, and III governing. Type I governing is fiduciary governing. In type 1 governance, data is gathered and reviewed to ensure compliance with laws and policies (Chait). Type I governing prevents waste, thefts, misuse of resources,safeguards the mission and requires trustees to operate solely in the best interest of the board (chait, Ryan , Taltoy) The board needs to ask whether and how effectively programs are advancing the mission and analyse performance measures. As part of this type of governing the league spots and debate the fiduciary significance of issues. Chait writes that Type I governing routinely examine financial and programmatic reports (chaiit). The league will review reports on a monthly basis and on a bi-yearly basis do a thorough review on the budget the financial statements of the league in order to revise, amend or rework the financial strategies put in place.

Type 2 governance strategically sets goals and plans courses of action. To create these strategic plans the league performs S.W.O.T analysis, reviews its stage in the organization 's life cycle, and works to create a strategic plan that will achieve the desired results but will also be flexible enough to adapt to our rapidly changing world.The league is also in the habit of looking at other successful leagues and comparing them to their own as a
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