Functions Of The Respiratory System

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Functions of the Respiratory System

The main purpose of the respiratory system is to exchange oxygen and carbon monoxide between the body and the environment. Throughout the body are specific organs and structures that make the respiratory system possible. In humans, respiration takes place in the lungs. In the article by Kim Ann Zimmermann, "Respiratory System: Facts, Function, and Diseases" she explains how the series of organs in a person 's body work together to exchange the gases we breathe and distribute it throughout the rest of the body.
This information is useful for any person wanting to know more about their body, a medical student, and people in the healthcare field. This report will go over the parts of the respiratory system starting with the first step in the process to the last step.

Description of Each Part of the Respiratory System
Mouth/Nose- The nose and mouth are part of the facial area in humans. The main purpose for both is to let in and out air. The nose is responsible for a human’s sense of smell. The mouth is responsible for the intake of fo od and water.
Trachea- The trachea is a broad membranous tube assisted by rings of cartilage. The main purpose is to provide air flow to and from the lungs.
Lungs- The lungs are two organs located within the rib cage. They consist of elastic sacs with tubes and airway passages which air is brought in so that carbon dioxide will be removed and the oxygen will go into the blood.
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