Functions Of The Texas Senate

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Darshita Patel Professor Sharifian Govt 2306-71426 19 November 2017 When I win Committees in both Texas House and Texas Senate plays an important role in carrying out the legislation. The function of each committee in the House and Senate may differ, but the goal is to consider the bill and aid in passing a law. The number of committees in the Texas House of Representatives is more than the Texas Senate, mainly due to the size of the House and its large scale of operation. The most important committee in both House and Senate is the standing committee. Temporary committees are also established to study specific issues. Few of the standing committees of Texas House of Representatives are Agriculture and Livestock, Economic and Small…show more content…
Also, the committee examines “the funding patterns used to fund the juvenile justice system and adult probation departments” and “review revenue sources currently funding the state's trauma system” (Senate Committee on Finance). Maximizing the use of federal and state funds is one of the important function of the Finance committee. The district can benefit by my placement on this committee because I can help citizens with their financial needs. The citizens finance the state by contributing money in the form of fees and taxes. It is the responsibility of the members of the Finance committee to use money in the best possible way and fulfill the needs of the citizens in the district. The committee of Education in Texas Senate focuses on the ways to enhance the current education system. One of the important function of the committee is to review the performance of public schools in the state and improve the results of academic reports. They also check whether the legislation passed by the committee has been implemented correctly or not. The advancement in the digital field also calls for development in the Digital Learning and making it available in all schools. The committee “determine the impact on school finance of possible state actions such as, but not limited to, changes to student enrollment calculations or property valuation” (Senate Committee on Education). My placement on this committee is justified because most of the population in the district is that of
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