Functions of Communications

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Functions of Communication
i) Information function:
The basic requirement of adapting and adjusting oneself to the environment is information. There must be some information about what is going on in the environment which concerns the people. The receiving or giving of information underlines all communication functions, either directly or indirectly. ii) Command or instructive function:
Those who are hierarchically superior in the family, society or organization, often initiate communication either for the purpose of informing their subordinates or for the purpose of telling them, what to do, how to do when to do etc.
The command and instructive functions of communication are more observable in formal organizations than in informal
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gestures, eye contact
Communication between body parts; e.g. "My stomach is telling me it's time for lunch."
Interpersonal communication is defined by communication scholars in numerous ways, though most definitions involve participants who are interdependent on one another, have a shared history. Communication channels are the medium chosen to convey the message from sender to receiver. Communication channels can be categorized into two main categories: Direct and Indirect channels of communication.
Channels means mode of communicating the messages.
Initiating: Declaring one's conversational intent and inviting consent from one's prospective conversation partner
Turn-taking: Managing the flow of information back and forth between partners in a conversation by alternating roles of speaker and listener
Interpersonal communication is the subject of a number of disciplines in the field of psychology, notably Transactional analysis.
3.) GROUP COMMUNICATION- refers to the nature of communication that occurs in groups that are between 3 and 12 individuals. Small group communication generally takes place in a context that mixes interpersonal communication interactions with social clustering.
4.) PUBLIC COMMUNICATION- It's at the heart of our economy, society, and politics. Studios use it to promote their films. Politicians use it to get elected. Businesses use it to burnish their
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