Functions of Education Administration

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The Federal government coordinates education planning, policy and finance through the National Council on Education, which comprises all Commis sioner/Ministers of Education in the Country and the Joint Consultative Committee of Education. At the primary level, Local Governments share responsi bilities with the Federal Government. At the Secondary Level, the responsibility is borne by state governments. The Federal Government has exclusive legislative powers as well as full financial responsibility for federally owned Univer-sities in the whole country.

The Federal Minister of Education plays a vital role in the maintenance of educational standards nation-wide by operating national organisations which are devoted to the development of spe
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It is responsible to the Federal Ministry of Education. The Board, according to the decree establishing it, is responsible for the general control of the conduct of matriculation examination tor admission into all Universities in Nigeria for approved under graduate courses leading the award of first degrees.

The National Universities Commission (NUC):

The National University Commission was created by Decree No. 1. 1974. It provides that the channel of communication of the National Universities Commission with the Federal Government will be through the Federal Minister for Education.

Thus, the NUC is the agent of the Federal Government for coordinating, financing and the over-all development of the Universities. The Commission is answerable to the Federal Government on the total and individual performances of the Universities. It is the main channel for Federal funds for university education in the country. The NUC also ensures the orderly development of university education, the maintenance of high standard and avoidance of unnecessary and wasteful duplication of academic programmes, faculties and facilities.

The Commission is empowered to advise on the creation of new universities and other degree granting institutions, distribute government grant in accordance with a set formula, collect, analyse and furnish information relating to university development and education in
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