Functions of Human Resource Department Essay

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Functions of Human Resource Department

One of the main functions of Human Resource Department is training and
development beside recruitment, selection and placement. It isn’t
enough to recruit employees into the skills or knowledge they
currently posses, but rather for their ability to learn and adapt
through training as conditions change or business needs.

Employees are very important resources where some organizations assign
huge budget to train them. However, this budget is taken out when
organizations have financial problems. Here comes HR role to lighten
top management that Training and Developing strategy is a vital
investment to show commitment and ensure competency of employees’.
Pfeffer references growing evidence
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May be because we don’t have labour unions that
present this voice as in USA or Europe. Also UAE labour doesn’t have
rules to force organizations to do so. “ The unions and government
were united in seeing the need to promote learning to improve
competitiveness, but also in recognising the role of lifelong learning
as a citizenship issue” (Marchington & Wilkinson 2002, p.365).
Marchington & Wilkinson have an example of Learning Service funded by
European Social Fund (ESF) that aims to create a learning culture in
every workplace and for every worker to be a lifelong learner (2002,
p.366). On other hand, In UAE we have Tanmia which is a national
program to develop and train UAE nationals to increase employability.

Lifelong learning is a new concept to HR and it is more related to
personal development rather then job or company learning.

The company we’ll investigate its committed to develop its people in
order to achieve its aims and objectives.

Policy Analysis


Tawteen is a training and recruitment company for UAE Nationals.
It has several departments like Customer Service, Sales
Department, Operations and Training Department. Operations and
Training Department is headed by one manager (Line Manager) who
supervises a group of trainers’ or instructors’. Tawteen is conducting
several courses e.g. Networking courses, Computer Graphics courses and
Marketing Executive…