Functions of Human Resource Management

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Human resource management Introduction Human resource management (HRM) incorporates various functions. The primary function of HRM is to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many areas in which HRM can be applied to help in this primary function. These areas will be discussed in detail in this paper as well as how they relate to HRM and how they work together to help in the achievement of the primary function of human resource management. EEO and Affirmative Action EEO refers to equal employment opportunity which means that every person has an equal chance of getting employment at the particular organization or company through ensuring the workplace is free from any form of harassment or discrimination of workers and by providing programs to assist the employees to overcome any disadvantages they may have such as having ramps for those in wheelchairs ADDIN EN.CITE Pynes2008782(Pynes, 2008)7827826Pynes, J.Human resources management for public and nonprofit organizations: a strategic approach2008New YorkJossey-Bass9780470331859 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_6" o "Pynes, 2008 #782" Pynes, 2008). EEO is achieved in the workplace through establishment of rules, policies, practices and behaviors which are fair to all people in the organization and do not bring a disadvantage to a particular group. In this way, the employees will feel that
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