Functions of Management Paper

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Functions of Management Paper

University of Phoenix
Management: Theory, Practice, Application MGT/330

October 20, 2007


The following paper is a definition of Management and its functions as well as an explanation on how these functions relate to my organization.


Management comprises directing and controlling a group of one or more people or entities for the purpose of coordinating and harmonizing that group towards accomplishing a goal. Management often
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Planning: The first major function of any management position is planning. Planning includes several different steps. These steps include: Defining your objectives, determining where you stand with your objectives, developing premises regarding future conditions, analyzing possible alternatives, and implementing the plan and then evaluating the results. (Schermerhorn, 2001) The planning part of management differs depending upon the field. Financial and marketing managers deal primarily with short-term plans. However, MIS, corporate legal, and human resource managers focus more on the long term, projected planning for the company. In order to implement plans, a manager must go through the process of organizing. Despite the differences between long to short term planning, all fields are considered to have a level of planning.

Organizing: Another facet of management is organizing. Organizing is the process of developing work arrangements for people and resources. The process of organizing benefits the structure of the work setting and how to allocate the work. (Schermerhorn, 2001) Managers often organize a corporation through organizing their employees and/or the physical aspects related to their specific field. A corporate legal manager adds structure to a company’s legal teams, and a human resource manager works closely with various employees on a daily
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