Functions of Managment

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Functions of Management Paper

February 18, 2012

Four functions of management- planning, organizing, leading and controlling, are very helpful for management in devising strategies so that organizational goals and objectives can be achieved. Almost all successful organizations practice these four functions of management. If these functions are executed properly, it improves competitiveness and productivity of the organization. I work for Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone. Verizon Wireless is most reliable wireless network in America. Verizon Wireless has 80 million subscribers. They are among the best run organizations in world. (Verizon Wireless Corporate
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(Verizon Wireless Corporate Website). Verizon Other management function would work towards achieving these goals set by the organization. To achieve these goals, management has developed several effective strategies in this phase. Organizing: To implement the broader strategies developed in planning phase, effective organizational structure is developed in Organizing phase. In this phase, work is broken down into smaller tasks and these tasks are grouped together to form departments and positions. Required responsibilities and authorities are assigned to each position. Then suitable candidates are identified and assigned to the suitable positions and departments. Verizon Wireless has implemented the Organizing phase very effectively. They have broken down the works into smaller tasks and grouped them together as technical services, sales, customer services, finance, administration, HR etc to form departments. Then in each department, they have created suitable positions. Right people are assigned to the right position, which reflects in their job satisfaction level. Verizon Wireless is ranked among America's best employers. (Verizon Wireless Corporate Website). Leadership: Leadership is a very important phase of POLC model. A good leader has vision. Good leadership is very crucial for success of an organization. He knows where he wants the organization to stand in future. A good leader motivates employees and helps them in achieving the

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